Smartphones, the new first screen.

2 octubre, 2015

By Luis Caretta, Head of Product at Logan.

The advance of mobile constantly impacts on the consumption of other media. Today, the average Argentine spends almost 60 percent more time in front of his smartphone rather than watching TV. For many, mobile is today their first screen and not the second screen everyone talked about some years ago.

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the center of our lives. When we need or want something we reach to our pockets almost involuntarily. These micro-moments, to give them a name, take place throughout our days while we read articles, search for products, solve our problems and make decisions.

Many times, these micro-moments happened while people are consuming video on their smartphones. This give us the ideal moment to engage and impact our consumers in an extremely intimate experience.

Meanwhile, these little screens keep catching our attention and making a deep impact in our lives. In fact, Latin America has the most engaged mobile video users: 61 percent of them watch short videos (5 minutes or less) at least once a day. Additionally, 41 percent claim to watch longer videos daily, surpassing more technologically advanced markets such as USA, Europe and Asia.

So, how can brands leverage this situation and get closer to these users? Following, the keys to achieve this:

Understanding the mobile user

In first place, it’s crucial to understand the user’s behavior and the medium. It’s always recommended to choose short videos and try to make the content attractive to your target audience.

Business case: Nike

Nike Argentina launched a pre-roll campaign to promote their mobile app, Nike Football. This campaign had a 60 second video, doubling the recommended length for mobile. However, a combination of relevant content, precise segmentation and brand appeal resulted in excellent campaign results.

Enrich the user’s experience

Mobile video is not only pre-roll, you can also enrich the user’s experience within a rich media unit, including click to call or click to map buttons, or a photo gallery. Given the tight relationship between mobile and social networks, it’s also a good idea to include share buttons to promote your content organically.

Business case: Subway

Subway ran a rich media campaign to impact workers in Buenos Aires’ downtown during lunchtime. The banner consisted of an interstitial built on HTML5, using a video to showcase Subway’s menu and a click to map button to get directions to the nearest store.

To learn more about these cases and their results, please take a look at Maro Scabia’s presentation, Business Development Director of Logan Brazil, presented at MMA Forum Brazil: Mobile Transformation in September 2015.


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