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We drive a significant increase in revenues for publishers through direct affiliation of advertisers, our optimization technology and our personalized ad formats.

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The Tag

Logan's innovative Smart Tag, unifies every publisher’s sites and apps, enabling brands to design and deploy ad experiences that go hand in hand with the publishers content rather than clash against it.

Creative Experience

Our ad-building platform, and our creative in-house team tailors the design of each ad to guarantee that it displays flawlessly regardless of its size. We develop Cognitive Ads, which are interactive formats that fully encompass customers expectations, and allow publishers to manage their full screen, vertical, and in-feed placements, while generating artistic high performance extraordinary designs.

Join Our Mobile Video Club

Benefit from our comprehensive range of videos and join the world’s leading publishers. Available in landscape, vertical and square: our complete video packages are designed to deliver the maximum fill-rate.

Premium Advertirsers

We work solely with first class brands focused on developing brilliant experiences. Our voluminous network of premium advertisers displays personalized and brand-safe ads.

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