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Human-centered mobile marketing platform

Logan´s performance marketing technology delivers personalized ads to +300 million Latin-American’s.

Logan ID: Personalization at scale

At Logan, we use a CRM approach to interact with customers. By assigning a unique identifier to each and every individual, Logan is able to support marketing decisions throughout the consumer’s path to conversion. We know each user's Geo-Behavior, Ads-Behavior, Mobile Web-Behavior and Apps Behavior.

With information obtained from our unique set of data resources, we are able to address actionable people-based insights. This enables us to interact on a one-to-one basis with users while improving campaign's effectiveness.

Your data is only as good as your understanding of it.

When Big Data is associated to unique mobile users, it transforms into Super-Small-Data ©. This process enables the discovery of tiny pieces of digital information that uncover potential big trends, quickly providing comprehensive and in-depth insights that are essential for the development of successful digital marketing strategies. While data is important, the right data is essential.

Real World measures the offline impact of mobile marketing. Our exclusive geo-behavior tool allows us to know the behavior of mobile users 24/7 learning where people live, work and what places they frequent.

Our platform provides closed-loop attribution, identifying, in real-time, consumers who have interacted with an ad on their mobile device and then walked into a physical location.

Logan is a partner at Nodus, a hi-tech consulting firm devoted to the improvement of brands' online overall performance.

Nodus deploys a full stack of technology-powered services ranging from cyber-security to machine learning and UX mapping, for a vast portfolio of organizations.